Snippets: Holiday, Routemaster, Urban Spam, JetBlue

The guys at Razorfish Philadelphia made this Post-It Note-esque offering for Christmas…


That loveble prat (and Mayor of London) Boris Johnson recently ran a design competition to help bring London’s famous old double-decker Routemaster buses back on to the streets. The original buses got replaced by long bendy single decker ones that fit the UK’s overt health, safety and access guidelines better. These Aston Martin designed badboys are user friendly, health and safety concious and “zero emissions ready”…
Crumpled cognoscento Piers Fawkes found this piece in his Creative Review RSS feed and it got on his goat. “Why is the magazine celebrating an urban spam campaign for Kellogg’s by JWT?”, he asks. For this campaign they evidently employed an artist to draw a cereal bowl on a pavement in London and fill it with leaves. My view on “Ambient tactics like this is that they are fine if the viewer gets something out of them … either utility or entertainment. This kind of mild diversion doesn’t get on my nerves, but I agree with Piers that these tactics are often half-arsed and ineffective.

JetBlue Invites Advertisers to Terminal Five
JetBlue’s Terminal Five at New York’s JFK is looking to monetize its passenger eyeballs. Re:vive, a platform consisting of more than 200 screens throughout the terminal, allows travelers to order food and beverages to be delivered to their gate. Those screens, which executives say are the first of their kind, will start serving up advertising in January.


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