Print: Future, Money, MINI

The Future of Print Media
Even though newspapers are arguably more popular than ever before, instead of seeing higher profits, the reality is they’re earning less – a fact that is leading to industry wide buyouts, reductions in staff and in some cases, permanent closures. The current model of how newspapers operate is clearly broken and the biggest contributing factor, might be us.


Wisconsinites Consider Printing Own Money
Two Milwaukee neighborhoods are considering making their own currency. Residents of Riverwest and East Side met in early December 2008 to plan how and when they might roll out their new money. Other cities around the globe already have similar systems. Ithaca, New York, has its own money derived from doing community work and spendable at any business within city limits. Lancaster, England, and Geneva, Switzerland, have local currencies as well. The perfectly legal tender is intended to help local businesses and build civic identity. It is the equivalent of real U.S. tender, and might be offered at a favorable exchange rate — say, US$100 equals WI$110. Centralized “fiat” currencies still run the global economy, but at the local level, some communities are seeing the value of local systems of transaction. They keep money circulating nearby, and support local businesses. Many local systems of “scrip” emerged during the Great Depression. Expect to see them again during the Big Bust.


MINI has produced a spectacular advertisement, that’s one of the first of it’s kind. The car company created a print ad that when viewed though a web cam produces a virtual 3D model of their MINI Cabrio convertible on screen. The ad was featured in German automotive magazines: Auto, Motor und Sport, Werben & Verkaufen and Autobild – but you can also download a PDF here if you want to try it yourself (though the website is in German).
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