Branded Content or Advertising? Kia and Psych.

Kia Motors will take a bigger role on USA Network this year by sponsoring the Jan. 9 opener of TV series Psych. The partners have created a custom car spot that showcases the show’s characters. The spot will air throughout USA Network’s first-quarter schedule to promote the automobile and the quirky comedy/mystery about a guy who uses his observational skills to persuade cops that he’s using psychic powers to solve crimes. Steve Franks, the show’s creator and executive producer, collaborated on the in-house effort. “The character of the Kia car and Shawn and Gus were really a perfect match for each other,” said Chris McCumber, USA Network’s evp of marketing, digital and brand strategy. “That’s the success behind our ‘Characters Welcome’ brand. We can match up our partners’ brand attributes to those of our characters.” McCumber summed up both brands as young, smart, hip and irreverent. The :30 spot highlights the Kia’s features and components. Characters Shawn and Gus star in the ad.



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2 thoughts on “Branded Content or Advertising? Kia and Psych.

  1. Hmmm. I haven’t seen an episode of the show, though it looks and sounds appealing. I have no problems with Kia either. But is their vehicle really “young, smart, hip and irreverent”? It seems forced to say so.

  2. Psych is the most amazing show to ever exist, save perhaps for NCIS, but that’s a diffrent kind of funny. Psych is fresh, funny and engaging. It’s fun and light, but at the same time touches on darker topics and delves into love, loss and the pain of losing those you love. Murder, romance and pinapple, all in one place? Sign me up!

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