Scratch ‘n Sniff: Statues, Gas Pumps

The much-larger-than-life statue is of Dave, and as the picture to the left shows, Dave is out and about wearing nothing but a leopard-print thong, ready for the beach. An official-looking plaque at the base explains how all this happened to Dave, along with the tagline “Prevent summer madness” and the Frosty Fruits logo. “This seemed to be a good demonstration of the heat impairing people’s judgment,” says Wilson. The statue was up for four days in Sydney in December, when summer begins in Australia. Another went up in Melbourne a few days later. To increase their exposure further the agency ran a radio campaign encouraging listeners to visit the statues and have their pictures taken for a chance to win a summer holiday. When they got there, they received product samples. “The response from the foot traffic was significant,” Wilson says. “School groups were posing for photos with the statues, as well as tourists, couples, young people and old people.”
frosty fruits statue
Here’s what Draftfcb Zurich came up with for Daihatsu in a recent campaign pushing its economical Cuore model: miniature make-believe gas pumps at filling stations near Daihatsu dealerships in Switzerland. The dwarf pumps stood next to real full-size pumps, and atop each was a sign with these words: “Schluckt viel weniger.” That’s German for “A lot less thirsty.” In coming up with the campaign, creatives at Draftfcb worked backward, considering first what would be the ideal venue, and gas stations were the obvious choice.
draftfcb zurich
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