Doug Jaeger and the crew are at it again: “LVHRD is taking the next step to protect you against the threat of Severe Micro-Cellutamination (aka SMC) at (CLL) PHN-LCKN 09. In 2006, we told the world about SMC, a disease which effects cell phone users, and conducted a cellular deprivation experiment to stop the spread of SMC at MoMA. In short, it failed, but that had no effect on the open bar or Les Savvy Fav’s performance when they smashed replicas of masterworks. Some time has passed since 2006, and cell phones are more dangerous than we initially anticipated. In two weeks time, we invite you to test a new solution to protect from SMC at (CLL) PHN-LCKN 09 in Tribeca. This time you get to keep your phone, enjoy complimentary Sapporo and Dewars and jam out to tunes by a top secret dance party engineer from the west coast. Get your tickets here:


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2 thoughts on “LVHRD | (CLL) PHN-LCKN

  1. Hi Francis –

    I just stumbled on your blog today! At first I though that perhaps I liked it because we’d used the same wordpress template :)- just kidding – but I think it’s actually because you’re delivering a really interesting mix of marketing, experiential branding, cultural experienced and life in NYC.

    I am now “favoriting” you… Keep it up and happy new year!

    Stephanie Fierman

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