Skittles and Social Media

“This week, Skittles has been in the social media limelight. A few days ago, it was just an ordinary confectionery brand. On Monday at 9am, it was responsible for nearly 0.93% of all Tweets, according to Flaptor Labs’ Twist.”
“Proof positive that if you try to use social media as an advertising medium, we will destroy you.”
“In a perhaps counter-intuitive position, I think that giving over the entire homepage to the Twitter search for the brand has the possibility of actually decreasing customer engagement. Why? With the lack of any sort of way to address the signal/noise ratio on that page, actual customers who are looking for actual information about actual Skittles products are likely to be turned off (or at least frustrated) by the need to dig through pages of spam to find the relevant bits of information they were looking for.”
“Now on the surface, this may seem really cool and hip, using this new trendy service Twitter, in an unusual way. Heck it’s having word of mouth effects – people are talking about this. Unfortunately in due time this could turn around and create a big PR problem for Skittles & Mars, Inc..”
“You’d think I’d be elated with this authentic demonstration of cession of control to the masses. You’d be 100% wrong. For starters, I don’t believe that we had control to start with and even if we did, the worst thing we could do is to give it 100% to consumers…who quite frankly, don’t necessarily even want it.”
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