ZDF wanted to communicate its strong movie programming, specifically its airing of “Batman Returns”. ZDF decided to target Hamburg commuters on their way to or from work. It signed a deal with bus companies to place a sticky overlay on the windows with details about when Batman Returns would be shown on the channel. Then small Batman figurines hanging on flexible wires were attached to the outside of the buses with small suction pads. When the bus was stationary, the figurines hung down, out of sight of passengers inside the bus. As the buses built up speed, the airstream would cause Batman to rise up into the air as if flying.
Over the past couple of months, Peter Kim has been curating a list of social media marketing examples. The list started with 100 examples (including 35+ from Mashable) and has since tripled in size with the participation of over a hundred contributors with examples from companies around the world.
Michael Surtees shares some interesting thoughts about the bizarre situation of media shape-shifting that is happening. He explains how after he stopped subscribing to the bulky print version of the New York Times, he discovered via micro-blogging site Twitter that the Economist magazine has a word-for-word audio recording of it’s issues available for download.

New graphics for old libraries
Nearly nine years ago, Pentagram was asked to contribute to a visionary effort by the wonderful (and design-conscious) Robin Hood Foundation: an initiative to build new school libraries in elementary schools throughout the five boroughs of New York City. A range of talented architects would design the libraries; private companies would donate books and funds; and we would provide the graphic design, including signage, wayfinding, and a masterbrand that would tie all the sites together.

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