Happier, Cheaper, Lower, Funnier

Moms in the UK are 44% more satisfied than last year with the way brands communicate with them, even as they change their shopping and information-seeking behaviors during the recession, according to a survey conducted by marketing agency Joshua G2 (via MarketingCharts). More than half (52%) of moms surveyed say they are now happy with the way brands communicate with them. Only 36% of moms were satisfied in the same survey in 2008, the study found.
PCs are cheaper than Macs, and Microsoft wants you to know it. With the recession as its backdrop, Microsoft has finally jumped on the value-messaging bandwagon in a new ad, a 60-second spot dubbed “Laptop Hunters” that will break tonight during the NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament. The commercial represents the latest piece of the estimated $300 million ad blitz from Crispin Porter & Bogusky that began last fall and has since taken numerous twists and turns.
Carat revised its global advertising spend predictions downward. The Aegis media buying agency network is now saying that global ad spending will slip 5.8%, down from its previous prediction of 4.8% growth (forecast last August). Ad spend in the U.S. will be down a dismal 9.8%, from a previously forecast 3.1% rise, according to Carat (via MediaBuyerPlanner).The UK will be down more than 7%, while Western Europe as a whole will be down 6.6% (Germany-2.2%, France -5%, Italy -6.5%, Spain -16.5%).

Adidas House Party – Simpsons edition
Just over a month ago, Adidas released their kick-ass Celebrate Originality “House Party” spot. This video included celebrity stars like David Beckham, Katy Perry, Kevin Garnett, Missy Elliott, and Mark Gonzales. UK television channel Sky 1 now made a hilarious parody to promote The Simpsons. Featuring celebrity stars like Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Marge..

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