Social Media: Spectrum of Online Friendship, Baker Tweet, Office Max Blogcast, CPG RoI

“What is a friend?” This question is constantly echoing across the internet. But, digital relationships (just like non-digtal ones) are not absolute. They are fluid. And online friendship is better described along a spectrum defined by the actions people take and how we feel about them. The more useful question for individuals and brands who are interested in cultivating online friendships is How do I move my friends from acquaintanceship to “best friendliness”?
Done by Poke London, for Albion, a bakery in London. The baker in question is using something called Baker Tweet to announce what is being cooked in their kitchen.
OfficeMax invited more than 200 women’s interest and organizational bloggers to attend the “Work Life Organized Blogcast” on April 2. The 40-minute live video featured Walsh and OfficeMax’s vp of marketing Julie Krueger. The two discussed organizational tips and strategies, introducing [In]Place System products as a solution to workplace clutter. The bloggers also received product samples in advance of the blogcast to follow along as Walsh demonstrated his new line, said Bonner. The turnout was better than expected, resulting in 65 blog posts, 1,020 Tweets and two YouTube videos, among other posts in the blogosphere. In total, 257 bloggers participated, per OfficeMax. “The participation and success is something that created a passionate experience,” Bonner said.
Marketing on Facebook or MySpace might generate a conversation but not necessarily a sale. Now, however, a method is emerging to relate one to the other, potentially eliminating a major impediment. Recent research from ComScore, MySpace and Dunnhumby presented at the Advertising Research Foundation‘s Re:Think 2009 conference in late March suggests that even relatively small outlays on social networks by package-goods brands can result in offline sales impact and deliver positive return on investment.What it reaped, MySpace marketing ROI for unnamed personal-care brand:
* Total consumers exposed: 76.9 MILLION
* Percentage of internet population: 40%
* Total impressions: 1.1 BILLION
* Media outlay: $1 MILLION
* Offline sales generated from campaign: $1.28 MILLION
Sources: ComScore, MySpace, Dunnhumby
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