Twitter: Corporate Feeds Don’t Follow Through

A colleague alerted me to the fact that Joseph Jaffe had made a great point about WPP’s lack of following on Twitter: “Sorry but how typical is it that WPP on Twitter follows NOONE. If that doesn’t mirror advertising’s future, nothing will” …

Amusingly, David Jones  then pointed out that Joseph’s company Crayon is only following 6 people on Twitter: “@jaffejuice uh…pot, this is the kettle calling. I’d like to talk about the six people @crayon‘s twitterfeed is following.” #Iwork4WPP”


A good old (140 character) slagging match ensued…



Post scriptum: my always on-point old mate Lezza just tweeted that Will Self is widely followed and follows no one (and this is to be admired!)


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