Social Media: SWYN, Twitter Magnets

In an earnest attempt to merge email and social media, Blue Sky Factory launched Share With Your Network (SWYN), which enables email subscribers to share the content they read across popular socnets. The “SWYN” acronym is already part of the email marketing vernacular, a generic term for icons that enable users to share a given piece of content with social networks in general. For example, a row of icons like these, across the bottom of a blog post, would constitute as SWYN functionality:

Twitter Magnets
UK digital company +Good have created Twitter Magnets – a free piece of “internet tom-foolery” for your Twitter account. Claiming to be the first fridge magnet / Twitter mash-up, users can drag and drop each magnet word into a central dropzone, creating poems of up to 140 characters. The poems can then be submitted onto your own twitter account. +Good also has a TwitterMagnet Twitter account which acts as a live feed on the Twitter Magnet poems that are submitted worldwide.

twitter magnets

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