Twitter: Your Mom’s On It, Its Overhyped, Microsoft Should Buy It, Apple Can’t Have It

Your Mom’s on Twitter
“According to a recent study, baby boomers are now adopting social networking applications at a significantly faster pace than Gen Y, as highlighted here. While Gen Y adoption of these tools has increased slightly (by 2%), baby boomers have connected at a much greater rate. There was a 59% increase in adoption for those in their 50s and 60s between last year and this year – 30 times that of their younger counterparts. And with more and more baby boomers adopting social media and especially Twitter the lines between inner, outer and far outer social circles is quickly blurring.”


Beware the Twitter Flitterers
Call it the Oprah Effect. Or maybe it was all the publicity generated by the Ashton Kutcher/Ted Turner race to reach a million followers. Whatever the cause, there is a growing fear that the mammoth microblogging site may be overexposed, overhyped and underused. It is true that Twitter’s growth is skyrocketing. No one agues that. But figures released by Nielsen Online suggest that Twitter’s retention rate is only 40%. In other words, as David Martin wrote on the Nielsen blog, “Currently, more than 60% of US Twitter users fail to return the following month.”

Microsoft (MSFT) is about to finally consummate a search deal with Yahoo — and that’s great. But if Redmond really wants to carve into’s Google search business over the next 10 years, it needs to offer whatever it takes — $800 million? $1 billion? more? — to buy Twitter right now.
Twitter is not making a deal to be acquired by Apple and is concentrating on building out its site while remaining independent, according to co-founder Biz Stone. “No. We are not for sale,” Stone said on “The View” when asked about speculation the microblog would be acquired by an established player such as Apple, Microsoft or Google.
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