Walker’s Do’s A Flava, Adidas App, YourTour, Pizza Hut Twinterns, Swine Flu, Levi’s Harvey Milk

Builder’s Breakfast has been crowned winner of the Walkers ‘do us a flavour’ campaign and chef Heston Blumenthal told Brand Republic that the new crisps have a “chunk of patriotism” in them.
Adidas is no stranger to the street culture scene, and their latest move seems right on target: the Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin is an iPhone travel guide listing Berlin’s best graffiti. Users download the application for free, giving them access to a Google map of Berlin that’s pegged with the locations of its urban art masterpieces. The map can be navigated in several ways: “Find artworks nearby” provides users with a map of art works in their immediate vicinity; “Tour guide” calls up a curated walking tour of local urban art; and “Gallery” gives users the option to browse the city’s street art and then seek out their favourite pieces. Users can click on each marked location to call up images as well as information about the piece, the artist and further references.
YourTour is a free, personal tour planner that uses a mathematical algorithm to automatically generate fully customized trip plans. Currently focusing on self-drive tours of France, the technology was originally developed for tourism professionals by deciZium, a spinoff company from the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons. Users begin by entering their initial criteria, including the region they’d like to visit, the dates, the type of tour, and the starting and ending points. YourTour then generates a proposed tour including hotels, activities and budget, allowing the user to choose at each step along the way whether to keep or delete any suggestion.
Pizza Hut’s new “twinternship” is a full-time, 10- to 12-week paid assignment to work with the PR team at the company’s Dallas headquarters this summer. The intern will focus on new and emerging social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others, and will be given “unprecedented access” to marketing meetings, brainstorming sessions, ad shoots and special events, the company says. He or she will be expected to collect and share the insights and experiences that result, as well as any pop culture news or notable stories they come across in the social media. Creating and posting videos, conducting media outreach and assisting with national PR programs will also be part of the job, as will managing the company’s new Twitter page and watching for mentions of the company in the social media. Candidates are expected to be a junior or senior in college, with fluency in social media. The deadline for application is May 3rd, and the job will begin June 1st.
One interesting aspect of swine flu is that not everyone was buying the media hype that it was the next global pandemic. Ironic t-shirts with statements such as ” I survived Swine Flu 09″ popped up across the Internet, with websites such as CafePress having more than 500 swine flu-related objects for sale. Meanwhile, illustrator Yoriko Yoshida created playfully-designed surgical masks which would potentially make those who donned them appear as if they had tentacle mustaches.

Levi’s Launches Campaign for Harvey Milk High School
Levi Strauss & Co. is launching the “Give Them Hope Now” campaign today to raise $500,000 for the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports Harvey Milk High School. The New York school is dedicated to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students. Levi’s worked with a number of partners on the campaign. Its digital agency of record, Razorfish, created the campaign’s website, http://www.givethemhopenow.org. It also developed a digital effort — with banner ads, e-mail outreach, social media and community outreach through Facebook and Twitter, pre-roll video and editorial coverage — and it reached out to online publishers that have worked with Levi’s, including AOL, Glam, Hulu, MSN and Yahoo

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