Console-less Games, Army iPhones, McDegrees

Whether one is a Playstation fan or an Xbox devotee, most gamers tend to be loyal to a specific console. But despite the magnitude of importance consoles have among gamers, might console-less gaming be the next big thing in the gaming world? Eliminating the need for a console, San Francisco-based start-up OnLive has created a gaming system in which gamers can use a PC, Mac, or their TV to stream on-demand games.
consoleless Gaming
Apple‘s iPods and iPhones, symbols of a modern urban lifestyle, are now in use in a very different setting – the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are, say the US forces, ideal for the age of “network centric warfare”, relatively easy to use, safe with secure software, and far cheaper than manufacturing a military version.

McDonald’s considers offering degrees to employees
McDonald’s is mooting an idea to launch its own PhD in management as it continues with attempts to shed the “McJobs” stigma associated with working for the fast food chain. Speaking to the Financial Times, McDonald’s chief people officer David Fairhurst said offering a PhD was the next logical addition to the chain’s other training programmes.

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