CP+B Intern Auction, Woody Allen v American Apparel, Brands v Young Adults

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Intern Auction: Summer 2009 – eBay (item 270392380113)
Crispin Porter & Bogusky has put 40 of its interns up for auction on eBay. Interested parties can bid for them , with all of the money going to the interns themselves to augment their wages. At the time of writing, the bidding, which started at $1, stood at $4,250. The winning bidder will receive a creative presentation from the intern, consisting of strategies, concepts and recommended brand positionings, but not finished ads or production materials.

cp+b suck

American Apparel has settled with director Woody Allen for $5m (£3.2m) over the unauthorised use of the star’s image in a 2007 poster campaign. Allen sued the fashion retailer for $10m accusing it of “blatant misappropriation and commercial use of his image” and of damaging his reputation. The image was a still from the film ‘Annie Hall‘ featuring Allen as a hasidic jew.
american apparel ass
If you want your brand to be associated with young people, then image isn’t everything, at least not according to a study by MTV Networks, the long-time arbiter of cool—and what’s hot—among young audiences. For the study, Internet users ages 12 to 24 in five countries—Germany, India, Japan, the UK and the US—were surveyed. According to respondents ages 18 to 24, the most popular features of a brand were good quality, trustworthiness and workability—three traits not usually associated with the stereotypical image of free-wheeling youth.
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