links for 2009-05-21

  • A new study argues that social media has reached its tipping point, with 83% of the online population now using it in some form – and more than half do so on a regular basis. Despite its popularity, socnet platforms – including Facebook, Twitter and the like – have failed to demonstrate prowess as marketing tools, and possibly never will, according to Knowledge Networks, which released the report, titled “How People Use Social Media.”
  • What if keeping your laptop charged was as simple as setting it out in the sun? That’s the promise behind a brand new netbook that may just break the biggest barrier to ultra-portable computing: battery life. It won’t run graphics-heavy computer games, but iUnika’s new $180, 1.5 pound solar-powered Gyy netbook is ideal for anyone looking for an inexpensive on-the-go computing solution.
    (tags: netbook)
  • And who said juvenile burping couldn't be put to good use?
    (tags: oxfam burps)
  • Steve Hall opines: "The script sucks, the premise is beyond gay, and the self-consciously moving camera only filled us with contempt. Bleak work by London's The Viral Factory." Oh dear!
  • Procter & Gamble is to be hit with a tax bill of up to £100m after the Court of Appeal ruled Pringles was a crisp, making it liable for VAT. UK tax laws regarding food stipulate crisps fall outside the general VAT exemption on foodstuffs and are therefore subject to the 15% tax. Yesterday's appeal court decision overturned a high court ruling last year ruling Pringles was not a crisp because only 42% of the product is made from potatoes.
    (tags: p&g pringles)

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