Facebook v Holocaust Denial

Facebook Removes Two Holocaust Denial Groups
“Facing increasing bad publicity and pressure from members and Web denizens, Facebook yesterday confirmed the removal of two Holocaust denial groups from the social networking service. The groups — “Based on the facts…there was no Holocaust” and “Holocaust is a Holohoax” — were aimed at those who for some reason seem to think the Holocaust never happened.”

belsen liberation

I am personally non-plussed by these denials … especially having spoken to one of Belsen’s liberators (my grandfather).

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3 thoughts on “Facebook v Holocaust Denial

  1. What I am trying to do is to formulate the reasons in my mind so I can give a good argument. Note: I am not trying to draw conclusions before the facts because I have seen enough proof that I am convinced that the holycaust is BS. Here are a few of my arguments and you can correct me if I am wrong in any of them and you can add to the list.

    1-The post WW2 books written by the wartime leaders Churchill, Eisenhower, and DeGaule never mentioned any gas being used or any planned, systematic extermination of anyone.

    2-In Eli Weisel’s book titled ‘Night’ he doesn’t mention gas being used and when the choice came that he would retreat with the Germans or stay and be under the Soviet umbrella he chose to retreat with the Germans.

    3-if there would have been millions of people murdered then there would have been tons of human remains buried somewhere and it would be way too much to hide for very long. No tons of human remains were ever found. And if they would have been cremated then there would have been tons of ashes and no ashes were ever found.

    4-Auswitcz was a place where synthentic rubber was being produced and U.S. intelligence was focused on Auswitcz for that reason. No U.S. intelligence reports ever gave any indication of gassing or mass extermination.

    5-Jews took a census of their people before WW2 and after and in order for there to have been 6 million people killed each and every jewish female on this planet would have to given birth to something like 13 children and that never happened.

    please add what you can

  2. Wow. Little did I think that my article expressing bemusement at Holocaust denial would prompt a comment from someone (or somebot) who does not believe in the Holocaust. These points made by “Jonathan Hunt” do not make any sense and are inaccurate. I would reiterate: I met someone who witnessed the Holocaust (piles of dead bodies in Belsen).

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