BooneOakley, Wharton, Showtime v Amazon

Very cool. It’s well executed, it is a fun alternative to an agency blog, and they have the luxury of being one of the first to do it. Obviously it’ll be key for them to keep the content fresh/updated if engagement is their intent.
A research project commissioned late last year with dire-sounding rhetoric about a crisis in advertising has produced decidedly calming conclusions. Among them: Threats posed by DVRs and clutter to TV ads are overblown; print and online advertising are effective; and word-of-mouth about brands is largely driven by paid media ads. Once again, they missed the bigger picture

Showtime Taps Amazon’s Kindle for Advertising
Showtime may have finally cracked the code on using Kindle as an ad medium. Starting today the cable network is offering Kindle users a free, downloadable version of the pilot script for its new series “Nurse Jackie,” featuring Emmy Award winner and former “Sopranos” star Edie Falco.


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