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Postino aims to bridge the digital and physical divide. It allows you to snap a picture and send it as a postcard, either over e-mail or as a real piece of paper. Just take a photo, choose a frame, add a custom message if you like (even “sign” it by drawing with your finger), and send it off. If you want to send it via snail mail, you purchase a virtual stamp right from the application ($2 for a single one, but they get cheaper if you buy a package of several) and your card gets printed out on high-quality paper and sent anywhere, worldwide, without any further action from you.
Despite the fact that 99% of Generation Y consumers (ages 18-24) report having an active profile on at least one online social networking site, only 22% of this same age group say they currently use Twitter, according to a study from the Participatory Marketing Network (PMN).
Total minutes spent on Facebook in April 2009 increased nearly 700% year-over-year, while the time spent on social networking and blog sites overall has increased 83% vs. April 2008, according to (pdf) data from Nielsen Online.

‘Whole in the Wall’ Puts Street Art Side by Side With Louis XIV
The show, “Whole in the Wall,” is billed as the largest exhibition of American and European street art from 1970 to today, and includes paintings, sculpture and photography.

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