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The study, “The Digital Horizon: A Chasm between Expectation & Execution,” reveals that the advent of digital and other new forms of advertising have created a large gap between running a campaign on multiple channels and actually integrating those channels in a unified way. Worse, though many marketers desire better integration, they are frustrated because they can’t meet their goals using existing systems.
digital divide 2
Throughout the summer, visitors will find some unusual specimens amongst the museum’s permanent collection – a stonehenge made from portable toilets greets visitors on arrival, a burnt out ice cream van now replaces the enquiries desk and the life size historic biplane suspended from the ceiling now provides refuge for a Guantanamo bay escapee. Banksy has filled the museum with his own wry take on classical art.
People are sharing briefened links to video taken and uploaded minutes before and other protesters in Tehran hold their phones up high to record and share their activity with Iran and the outside world. The developments in the use of the web to share, access, edit and discuss information about the crisis in Iran show just how modern news organizations are failing to deliver news in the way the public want to seek it. Iranians and observers abroad are using right this minute Twitter, blogs, Flickr and YouTube to share information about what is happening within Iran at a speed that has left mainstream media off-foot.
The Guerilla Drive-In is an organization that projects 16MM movies in interesting locations in and around the West Chester, Pennsylvania area. Since 2007 the group has staged secret film viewings in settings that match the theme of the movie being screened. For example: Caddyshack was shown at a golf course, Meatballs at a canoe rental company and Ghostbusters at the supposedly haunted Fort Mifflin.
The report (pdf), which draws on findings from two studies – one of the general population and one of a smaller sample of Chinese Americans – revealed that at least 28% of the general population rarely or never interacts with Asian Americans, and the majority of the general population cannot make meaningful distinctions between Chinese Americans and Asian Americans.

Hammer Pants Flash Mob Molests Skinny Jeans Buyers
Incredibly funny guerrilla effort for Hammertime, a new A&E show that follows the family life of MC Hammer — kinda like Run’s House.

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