Dissin’ Starbucks … this time it’s Nescafe

I passed one of Nescafe‘s new billboards the other day in Chicago … and caddy-corner from a Starbucks as it goes. Errrm … genius! I omitted to take an iPhone snap, but here’s an image from the web.


I haven’t tried Starbucks instant, but I think anyone who has tries Nescafe (the Mexican Diplomat flavor variety aside) will find it wanting. This also reminded me of one of McDonald’s earlier anti-Starbucks efforts…


I guess at least this one says what we’re all thinking! McDonalds has itself been the subject of negative advertising (or is it culture jamming?) with this example from the Energy Kitchen in New York (thanks PSFK)


In this hardscrabble economy, comparison advertising is on the rise without doubt.  The other week, Sara Lee sued Oscar Mayer over a hotdog ad that implied a certain type of Oscar Mayer frank beat the entire Ball Park Frank product line in a national taste test. Nojoke. If you are considering embarking upon a comparison campaign, it’s worth reading this article from Advertising Age that includes 5 tips for how to avoid getting sued or alienating consumers when engaging in comparative advertising. It’s called “The Gloves Are Off: More Marketers Opt for Attack Ads,” by Emily Bryson York.  You can read it by clicking here.

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