links for 2009-07-06

“The other night I was walking up the High Line and noticed a lot of congestion on the south side of the Standard Hotel. A lot of people were looking up and trying to take pictures with their cell phones. It turns out a woman was getting ready in her hotel room completely naked and prancing around near the window as she tried on various outfits. As it was night, the entire room was lit up and in plain view. I’ve heard anecdotally that other selacious things have been witnessed through the windows while standing underneath the hotel. Whoever thought to build a hotel straddling the High Line is a genius.”
Nearly three years after being fired by Wal-Mart, marketer Julie Roehm faces her toughest rebranding campaign ever.

ZenithOptimedia downgrades global ad growth forecast
ZenithOptimedia has downgraded its global adspend forecast for 2009 from -6.9% to -8.5% and said that China will this year overtake the UK to become the fourth largest ad market. It cut its global adspend forecast for 2009 after the first quarter came in below predictions and said the downward slide in advertising continued in the second quarter, but at a lower pace. ZenithOptimedia said its predictions for the rest of the year held steady as signs continue to emerge that the downturn is approaching its lowest point.

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