links for 2009-07-07

  • In the search for a low-cost, fuel-efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to motorcycles, the mayor of a city in the Philippines recently rolled out two incredible taxis crafted from one of our favorite renewable materials – bamboo! Rustico Balderian, mayor of Tabontabon, has commissioned the construction of two taxis made from 90% bamboo that are powered by coconut biodiesel – take that steel-based cars!
    (tags: eco green)
  • Film producers spend millions every year to draw audiences to their movies. Now, advertisers are beginning to benefit from that, using not only movie screens for their commercials, but the lobbies of cinemas as well. Sprint is placing kiosks in about 500 movie theaters so customers can scan in a code from their phones to get coupons for snacks. This month through December, Sprint Nextel is sponsoring a cinema-centric marketing effort, placing kiosks in about 500 movie theaters nationwide. Sprint customers can scan in a code from their phones, and the kiosks will print coupons, like a free upgrade to a bigger popcorn or larger soda.
  • It's a rare individual who is good at recognizing the power of an idea once it is created. You lose your objectivity once you create an idea, especially an idea in which you have invested a lot of emotional energy. Every creative person needs a Bill Bernbach, a sounding board to bounce ideas off of.
  • The digital courses have become so accurate that Woods says he and other pro players will familiarize themselves with sightlines in the video game before they play the course for real. "It's nice to get some reference in your head before you go," he says. "The blind tee shots at Bethpage look the same in the game. It has the same tree I was aiming at every day."
    (tags: gaming)
  • Telegraph Media Group has linked up with Gordon's gin to trial a free newspaper title called The Friday to lure in young, upwardly mobile readers. The Friday will mark the first time TMG, the publisher of The Daily Telegraph, has launched a free title, which will have a distribution of 150,000 copies and be handed out in the afternoon at 25 UK railway stations, including some in London.
  • One of the true conundrums of our digital lives; the realization that internet isn’t as impermanent as we’d like to think, particularly when it comes to our social media profiles. To that end, Shirky’s cursory Google search uncovers numerous users’ last ditch efforts to rid themselves of their pesky LinkedIn accounts, changing their login names to telling pseudonyms like Mr. Delete This Account and delete delete delete delete delete delete, along with”two users named Delete My Profile, four named Delete This Profile, and no fewer than ten named Unsubscribe Unsubscribe.”

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