Social Media: Facebook v MI6, Primark v Pikeys, Agencies v Twitter

According to the TimesOnline, the chief of British intelligence agency MI6 was outed from his cover-name by his wife, who posted to him affectionately on Facebook wall using the moniker, “C”.
Discount retailer Primark has launched a staff investigation after several employees posted malicious comments about customers on social networking site Facebook, calling them fat, pikeys, and twats. One employee wrote on the Facebook page bout “twat customers” leaving folded clothes in a mess, saying that she wanted to “dropkick them to the homeware department”. Another staff member wrote: “The money is shit and the place is a market for pikeys.” A women’s department assistant, also posting on the Facebook page, complained about “hefty” shoppers who needed to “lose some f****** weight”.

Learning Twitter? Don’t Take Your Cue From These Ad Agencies
AdAge takes a look at which agencies use the Twitter, and gives them a failing grade.

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