Economy: Easing, Slowing, Losing, Climbing

When it comes to predictions as to the advertising recession, its a far from clear picture and predictions vary depending on who you are talking to …

Money Down the Drain

Cuts in marketing spend easing
The latest Bellwether survey published this week (13th July 2009) has found that for the second quarter in a row the rate of decline in marketing spend has eased, linked to an improvement in business confidence; with companies surveyed reporting that their financial prospects have improved for the first time since the first quarter of last year.
Ad outlook: Longer, slower recovery
The only good news is that we may finally have hit bottom during second quarter, with the media economy expected to rebound slightly during the second half of the year. But generally Magna’s mid-year 2009 U.S. forecast, released today, gives no hope of a full rebound for the media economy anytime soon.

According to Forrester Research, reported by Richard H. Levey at, 60% of marketers surveyed will increase their interactive marketing budgets by shifting funds from traditional media. Direct mail was cited by 40% of marketers as being one being cut, outranking newspapers (35%), magazines (28%) and television (12%).
Growth in social network advertising spending worldwide will take a hit in 2009, but not as severely as in the US. eMarketer projects 9% growth in worldwide spending in 2009, to $2.2 billion. That is down from the 17% growth eMarketer forecast in March 2009.
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