Marketing: Gravy Train To Derail By 2020?

Marketing ‘Gravy Train’ to Derail by 2020
Overall, an aging population, decreased spending, higher demand for products that target older and ethnic consumers and a fragmenting mass media landscape will present a multitude of challenges for marketers, especially in terms of redefining the concept of market share and competing for a piece of a much smaller pie.
“Marketers in the US and throughout the world are not accustomed to a shrinking pie, but rather are used to thriving marketplaces with robust spending growth,” said Doug Anderson, Nielsen SVP, research & development, who wrote the analysis. In the near future – and for decades to come – this growth gravy train will be off the tracks, Anderson said. “Growth will only come from increasing share against competition. The new consumer marketplace of the US will bring new relevance to the phrase ’share wars’.”


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One thought on “Marketing: Gravy Train To Derail By 2020?

  1. Your post is interesting and I’ve been tracking this sort of trend for some time. Their is a death in, what used to be called, circulation analysts. These positions would track the amount of direct mail dropped and run numbers all day long on how to shift the marketing pieces to reach high potential. Now that USPS has made it extremely hard for anyone to put a stamp on mail, and the growth of Twitter, etc., even the highest bump in a niche market makes marketers want to jump up and down! I believe you are right. I’ll write you in 2020 so we can compare notes!

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