Social Media: Apple Taking it Seriously, Gap Scraps TV for it, Britney Makes $, Twitter Gets a Tsar

Apple is rumoured to be developing a social networking app which will consolidate all existing social network accounts and integrate them with iTunes 9. The application will allow users to broadcast what music they’re listening to, allow them to share music with people on their network, connect with friend’s friends and update all at the same time, according to The Boy Genius Report. Apple iTunes 9 is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s annual iPod event in September with general release slated for late September or October.
apple social media
Gap, the fashion retailer famed for its TV ads, is scrapping them in favour of social media for a campaign to promote its new line of denim wear in the UK. Gap ads: women wearing scarves like to hug, apparently. The high-street chain, which made its name by featuring stars including Audrey Hepburn, Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler in its TV ads, is shifting its focus to the web for its ‘Born to Fit’ campaign. Instead of TV advertising, the initiative will see Gap put Facebook at the centre of an online campaign aimed at targeting consumers who are already using the web to talk about fashion.
Britney Spears has found a way to parlay her vast popularity on Facebook into a revenue raising opportunity by selling ‘virtual gifts’ for $2 (£1.20) a pop. Britney, who has just shy of 2m fans on Facebook, has launched a range of branded gifts that can be sent between users of the social networking site. There is one free gift available, an image of the biker’s hat often worn by the singer in her stage shows.
The Labour party has named Kerry McCarthy, who was recently named the most influential MP on Twitter, as its official new media campaigns spokesperson. McCarthy, the MP for Bristol East, was appointed by Douglas Alexander, the General Election coordinator. She will be tasked with co-ordinating Labour’s online presence and helping Labour MPs, perspective parliamentary candidates and supporters share best practice online.
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