Justin Gignac’s Wants and Needs

Wants and Needs for Sale
Fellow final-Fallonite and (apparently) artist Justin Gignac has moved beyond Garbage and acquistive painting to some touchy-feely do-gooding. His first painting idea was called Wants for Sale … the idea being that he and his girlfriend Christine paint things they want and sell them for the actual cost of the item. The works ranged anywhere from $5.85 for a painting of Pinkberry to $2,500 for a painting of Betsey Johnson and Bloomingdales’ iconic Big Brown Bag to represent their desire for a shopping spree in SOHO.


They’ve now expanded on the original idea to give back to those less fortunate, with Needs for Sale. This time they’re painting items such as doors, toys, and even wigs. (Currently there’s only one painting on there though). Justin and Christine are selflessly donating proceeds of each piece to Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, and Locks of Love respectively.

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