Stunts: Colonel Sanders Goes To The UN, Fake Meteorite Goes Down In Flames

KFC’s Colonel Sanders and the UN
Apparently, if you dress like Kentucky Fried Chicken‘s Col. Sanders, you can get in anywhere. An actor wearing “the fast food icon’s familiar white suit and black bow tie” was able to “gain access to the restricted areas” of the U.N. headquarters in New York and even meet Ali Treki, president of the U.N. General Assembly. KFC is “lobbying” the U.N. for “the fictional Grilled Nation to be accepted as a member state” as part of its campaign promoting its new menu. Officials attributed the fake Sanders gaining so much access to a “lapse in security.”

kfc un

Meteorite stunt goes down in flames
A publicity campaign involving a hoax meteorite in Latvia has backfired spectacularly with the Swedish telecoms company behind the stunt losing a government contract. Tele2 has admitted that it staged a meteorite crash in the Latvian countryside, resulting in a 10-metre wide crater. Emergency services attended the scene followed by scientists, who quickly identified that the meteorite was a hoax.
flaming meteorite

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