Places: Rusty Knot Party Bus, The Sackett

The Rusty Knot Party Bus is “tricked out with a dance floor, moody lighting, a D.J. and free alcohol,” with “Judas Priest blasting and cigarette smoke billowing.” This is the scene on the Rusty Knot party ride from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to the Rusty Knot, a campy nautical-themed bar in the West Village. Begun last month by the owners of the bar, Taavo Somer and Ken Friedman, the shuttle “was at first nothing more than a way to fill their bar on Monday nights in the dead of winter”. But “with its minimal supervision, the ride is a reminder of the days when New York nightlife seemed to have no rules.” The free trip takes about 60 minutes and includes free Budweisers, and not surprisingly it results in a “cocoon of debauchery.” “But even with music that can be punk-club loud, on the sidewalk nothing is heard but a muffled rumble. It is of New York, but separate from New York.” Pick-up locations and times can be found on the bar’s Web site and by following the Rusty Knot on twitter @therustyknot.
The Sackett
Brokelyn’s unofficial hang epitomizes the two most overused word in the history of bar writeups: friendly and cozy.
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