Icons: Glenn Beck, Tiger Woods, Ronald McDonald

The Glenn Beck Show might seem like the political equivalent of professional wrestling, but it’s not even that sincere. At least with wrestling, we’re all most aware that wrestling follows a script even though some of the moves require a high caliber of strength and athleticism (and occasionally resulting in real injuries to the performers). The difference between Beck and wrestling is that with Beck the fakery isn’t common knowledge and the consequences of what he talks about on his show are very real. This week, Beck attacked the president’s deceased mother and grandparents as being Marxists. What a dick.

Tiger Woods’ Nike Ad
Nike has released a new Tiger Woods ad on the eve of the Masters, which will mark the dominant golfer’s return to the sport following revelations of his sordid sex life. The commercial consists of black-and-white footage of Woods, accompanied a voice recording from his father, who died in 2006.

Claim: Ronald McDonald Will Kill Your Children
One of the groups that led the ultimately successful campaign to banish Joe Camel from advertising now has a new target: Ronald McDonald. “It’s time that Ronald McDonald joined Joe Camel in retirement,” argues Corporate Accountability International on its “Retire Ronald” website. “These tired mascots should be spending their golden years relaxing and sharing tales of their bygone days spent targeting children with deadly products.” CAI is asking like-minded people to submit photos of them holding signs urging Ronald to retire as part of a “photo petition.” The site also contains a 32-page downloadable booklet outlining the case against the clown.

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