Digital Ads: Clobbered, All-Pervasive

Traditional advertising is perceived by consumers as more informative, entertaining and necessary than online advertising, according to a survey of 1,200 people by the digital marketing show ad:tech London. The survey found that 69% believed traditional advertising was relevant to them, compared with 45% for online. Also, annoyance around advertising on the web is twice as high online as offline.

Picture: Matzkin
Online Ads Making Their Way into Xbox 360, Digital Books
Online ads are making their way onto unexpected digital platforms such as game consoles and digital books, with the possibility of changing the way these products are sponsored and consumed. One example is Microsoft, which is selling interactive ads on the home screen of its Xbox 360 gaming console for the first time (via the Australian). The ads, which can either open up to full-screen video or link to a destination page, are structured around a daily rate rather than on a cost-per-click basis, according to Microsoft advertising managing director Liam Walsh.

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