Agency of the Decade: CP+B

I confess when I read AdWeek‘s announcement about Agency of the Decade, I had something of a “WTF?” moment. Goodby? Thankfully sanity prevailed in their “People’s choice” vote, and CP+B romped home. AdAge’s Agencies of the Decade feature also gave it to Crispin. I think it’s pretty unarguable.
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Bogusky’s Hypocrisy?

I will come right out and admit that I am a fan of Alex Bogusky. I practically had a shrine to him in my office at Chiat after the MINI launch – as someone who was out there actually “doing it”. Is his new book (though laudable) a bit of a Dove v Axe move though? On the one hand espousing dieting, on the other hard-selling high fat and zillion-calorie meals?

alex bogusky

‘Meatnormous’ Master Pens Diet Book (Ad Age’s Take)
Alex Bogusky, one of the chief architects of Burger King’s audacious, effective but often gluttony-embracing advertising, has written a tome titled “The 9-Inch Diet,” focusing on the need for portion control and the damage done by Americans’ lack of discipline in that regard (complete with diagrams of large plates leading to large butts). The book, published by Brooklyn’s PowerHouse Books, is already preselling on Amazon, and was written “with a little help from” Chuck Porter, the other name above the door at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, which also handles marketing for pizza giant Domino’s. It’s hard to think of a more apparently dissonant moment in the annals of adland. As Ad Age sibling Creativity mused when it broke the story on, it’s hard to imagine Martin Puris, author of “Ultimate Driving Machine,” suggesting we should drive less. I wish Bogusy would out his money where his mouth is and persuade his clients to re-think their offerings.