Out of Home: Shepard Fairey, Culture Commentary, 20ft Colon

Artist Shepard Fairey has contributed to a new campaign from Lance Armstrong’s charity Livestrong. Armstrong’s ‘Livestrong: Hope Rides Again’ graphics announce “Defiance”, “Courage”, “Action” on the buildings in LA.
Floyd Hayes sent this photo taken on Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn. Could this develop into the next big cultural meme for expressing our collective distaste for mediocrity everywhere? Meh. It certainly has a nice ring to it.

In Times Square, a 20-foot-long colon
Yes, you read this right . In the advertising Mecca that is Times Square, it takes a lot to turn heads; in the most recent instance it was another body part, the colon. Bright red and pink, it’s a 20-foot-long, 8-foot high U-shaped colon that appeared in Times Square one day in late February. Passersby were invited to not only stare at it, which they did, but to walk through it. The colon, inflatable and portable, was put up by the Prevent Cancer Foundation to build awareness for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, which is March, and then it’s off on a 12-city national tour for the Super Colon, as it’s called. Next week the exhibit will be in St. Louis, Portland, Ore., Philadelphia, Duarte, Calif., and Tampa.


Photo by Brechtbug.

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Ambient: Winzip

One of the best known digital compression tools is of course Winzip. To promote it in the “real world”, the German agency Grabarz und Partner built small versions of buildings and placed them alongside their real world counterparts. I didn’t see the brief for this, but – cute though it is –  i am wondering what the scale and specific objectives of this effort were…
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Snippets: Smashing Cadbury Creme Eggs, Not Wasting Time on FaceBook

Smashing Cadbury Creme Eggs in Your Free Time
As part of Cadbury’s gooey new advertising campaign – created by Saatchi & Saatchi – for their popular Creme Eggs, they have launched a touchscreen bus shelter game. The game is modeled after the classic carnival game that challenges contestants to hit as many “fill in the blank rodents” as possible as they unknowingly emerge from their burrows in set amount of time, only in this case it’s Cadbury Creme Eggs. But cheap thrills aside, it’s certainly an innovative use of the emerging technology and a great way to interact with potential customers during their idle time.
Some people love to use Facebook to keep in touch with friends. However, Facebook seems to be set up to try to draw you in and spend (waste) more time there, and to get your friends to spend more time there. If you just want to use it to keep in touch with people, renew contact with old friends, and just maybe do some networking, here are some ways to avoid wasting too much time.