Powerpoint Ruining The Art Of War


Fascinating. I always think of Powerpoint as a business tool, but of course other sectors – in this case the military – also use it. Many in the Army don’t like the shift to 20-slide powerpoint away from the earlier 2-3 page written summaries.
PowerPoint has clearly decreased the quality of the information provided to the decision-maker, but the damage doesn’t end there. It has also changed the culture of decision-making. In my experience, pre-PowerPoint staffs prepared two to four decision papers a day because that’s as many as most bosses would accept. These would be prepared and sent home with the decision-maker and each staff member that would participate in the subsequent discussion. Because of the tempo, most decision-makers did not take on more than three or four a day simply because of the requirement to read, absorb, think about and then be prepared to discuss the issue the following day. As an added benefit for most important decisions, they “slept on it.”

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