Alex Bogusky vs Success

Alex Bogusky learns from his successes
It appears Mr Bogusky has been imparting sage advice at my mate Brent Hodgins’ Mirren conference. “I’ve never learned anything from my mistakes,” Bogusky said. “Again, I hate conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is learning from your mistakes. What about learning from your successes? That’s where I’ve focused [my energies]. Like, this works, we better get down and study on this.”

I have to say I agree. Back in the Chiat days, Carl Johnson was always looking for projects/ groups/ processes that somehow worked, and tried to replicate them. In a big agency culture these successful groups or projects often get ground down by intransigence, inertia or received wisdom.

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Pixar’s Creativity, Crispin’s SNAFU, Dunhill’s Club, Undead Print

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity
Behind Pixar’s string of hit movies, says the studio’s president, is a peer-driven process for solving problems.
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Evidently some of the “I’m a PC” were ads made on a Mac. Oh dear.
Yet another mis-step by Crispin Porter & Allthumbs. Someone got hold of the news that some of the recent “I’m a PC” ads were made on a Mac. A big deal? Possibly not. An avoidable screw-up? Absolutely.
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The brand’s latest location is the Bourdon House in Mayfair, the former residence of the Duke of Westminster, which had been an industrial workshop. What emerged from the rebuild is partially a store and partially a lifestyle experience: Amenities include a barber shop, a spa with heated marble floors, and a 12-seat soundproof theater. There’s also a walk-in humidor, which sports a collection of cigars that run up in price to £50; if you want to smoke, you have to do so in the courtyard outside, but there are a selection of vintage scotches and rums to accompany you. “We want to make men’s lives easier, give them a home away from home,” says Dunhill CEO Chris Colfer Attached to the store is Alfred’s, a private club housed in the Duke’s fully restored former quarters. Modeled after the notorious Hellfire clubs of the 18th century, Alfred’s is only accessible by members. In order to become one, you have to be invited to join—and no, they don’t just let anyone in.

If Print is dead, this makes a beautiful corpse
What’s the perfect accessory for the designer bag you somewhat insanely splurged on? Not The Last Magazine, that’s for sure. This beautiful piece of printed matter, designed by Magnus Berger, a graphic designer from Baron & Baron, does make its readers look elegant and up-to-the-moment, with stories about various rising talents. But it’s huge — 15 inches by 21 inches. Consider it the coffee table book of fashion glossies. Since it appears only once every two years, you get a while to digest this supersize $10 portion of glamour, coming soon to newsstands. So you’ll have time to choose just the right coffee table for it.
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