Five Reasons Top Talent Leave Their Jobs

Very nice infographic that nails the key issues.

Image Credit: ioVentures Inc.

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Identity Crisis In British Design?

An Identity Crisis In British Design?
Is British design in the midst of an identity crisis? In a piece for the New York Times, Alice Rawsthorne wonders why so many British design icons have lost some of the impact and relevance their predecessors possessed, and ponders the challenges of capturing a nation’s identity and psyche in design, when that identity is increasingly complex.


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Great Ideas: Overdue, Killed

In the likely event you had a great idea killed by a client (or an account director), take a look at the “Killed Ideas” contest. Curator and self-proclaimed iconoclast Steve Hall from AdRants will pick the best to appear in a new Blurb book Killed Ideas Volume 1.
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