A Load of Crap: Charmin’s Go Nation

A Load of Crap: Charmin’s Go Nation
“Never mind that those ads featuring bears that can’t wipe properly are odd enough. Charmin now is on a mission to start a movement, we’re sure pun is intended, in which the entire nation can enjoy a “better bathroom experience.”

“We’re calling it the Charmin Go Nation,” it says on the website “… it’s made up of people who actually enjoy going to the bathroom because they have Charmin bathroom tissue.”

Sounds like the client wrote it. Utterly Ridiculous.

While we’re at it – shout out to the guys at Kleercut for telling it like it is.

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Charmin – Enjoy The Go

Charmin “Enjoy The Go” … are they taking the piss? Charmin are building their customary toilets in Times Square, and adding a Social Media spin. They are seeking staff to “Greet and entertain bathroom guests then blog about the experience. All candidates must really, really enjoy going to the bathroom”. Christ!
charmin enjoy the go
Do I detect the hand of Ryan at Gigunda in all this?
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