People: Dr. Dan Ivankovich

An inspiring story forwarded to me by my good friend Steve Ivankovich (admittedly about his “little” brother) … Dan Ivankovich was profiled by CBS for their “American Spirit” segment.

“His work takes him to Chicago‘s meanest streets. But at seven feet tall, cruising in his 500-horsepower Dodge and wearing black leather — he knows no fear. He may spend some nights playing the blues with his band, but by day, Dan Ivankovich is all business: a bone doctor with a heart as big as his frame. [Dr Dan Ivankovich] has a policy: treat first, charge later. Doing as many as 800 surgeries per year, half of his patients are uninsured.”

Truly inspiring. Watch the video here.

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Social Media: P&G’s Rouge, Kraft’s iSnack 2.0, Coke’s Facial Profiler, Estee Lauder’s Makeover

Procter & Gamble Co. is enlisting help from mommy bloggers as it makes over its Canadian custom-published quarterly Rouge for a full-scale U.S. launch expected to reach 11 million households in both countries by next year. Custom magazines from package-goods marketers have been around for a while, such as Kraft Foods’ Food & Family, launched earlier this decade with a free circulation of 12 million, according to Redwood Custom Communications, which produces the program. But a new wrinkle in the U.S. rollout of beauty magazine Rouge, which began earlier this month, is the use of the mommy blogger community to help build the database of the relationship-marketing program.
rouge magazine
Kraft today announced that Australians have voted for a name to replace the seriously unpopular and high criticised iSnack 2.0. Kraft gave customers the opportunity to vote for one of six names in response to the negative publicity. We’re told that around 10,000 customers voted for Cheesybite, equivalent to 36% of the total vote making it the most popular name – just pipping ‘none of the above’.
If you’ve always reckoned you have an evil twin somewhere else in the world or that you were separated at birth but no one’s got round to telling you, Coke Zero’s ‘worldwide social networking experiment’ could help. The fizzy drink has created a Facebook app called the ‘Facial Profiler’ which has the aim of finding people’s online lookalikes. The app encourages people to upload a photo of themselves to a database, Coke then analyses the characteristics and attempts to find the nearest match from other uploaded images.
The venerable Estee Lauder cosmetics brand has found a seemingly natural way to connect with social media: offering free makeovers and photo shoots at its department-store cosmetics counters coast-to-coast to produce shots women can use for their online profiles. The promotion, which kicks off Oct. 16 at Bloomingdale’s in New York and will extend initially to Macy’s, Saks and other Bloomingdale’s stores in Southern California, Miami and Chicago, also includes a giveaway of a 10-day supply of foundation.
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Social Media/ OoH: Crandon Wants to be your Facebook Friend

Town Uses Billboard to Promote Facebook Page
“Sadly, no one talks about billboards much any longer”, opines Steve Hall, “So why are we talking about the lowly billboard today? Social media, of course. After all, social media is the only thing anyone cares about these days, right? It’s big news when a billboard is used to promote a Facebook page which is exactly what Northern Wisconson’s Forest County Chamber of Commerce recently did. Located just south of Lakewood on HWY 32, travelers from Milwaukee and Chicago heading north will see the board which carries an invitation from the Crandon Chamber to ‘Become a friend of Crandon’ on Facebook.”

crandon facebook billboard

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Agencies … BBH cuts pay, JWT closes office

JWT is to close its Chicago office, two years after its key account Kraft Foods pulled nearly $200m worth of business out of the agency. JWT Chicago, which was reduced to a satellite operation of JWT’s New York office following the Kraft bombshell, is to shutter its doors this week. About 50 employees are expected to lose their jobs.
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Digital Divas

Study Unearths Super-Connected ‘Digital Divas’
A segment comprising 16% of the female online population identified as “Digital Divas” shops more, communicates more and is less likely than other women to ever “unplug” from their digital gadgets, according to a survey from Microsoft Advertising, Ogilvy Chicago, and Mindshare. Among the “Digital Diva” group:
* 22% shop once per day.
* The majority view devices such as cell phones and computers as “extensions of themselves.”
* 86% pass along interesting “finds” with others.
* On average, they have 171 contacts in e-mail, social networking and cell phone address books.
But while these trend-setting Digital Divas make up a small percentage of women now, they are important to watch, the study says, because findings suggest that mainstream women will soon follow in their footsteps.

digital divas

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