Design: GQ Car, Dieline

GQ, the men’s lifestyle magazine brand, is teaming up with Citroen to launch a concept hybrid car. The car, called the GQ, is the brand’s latest extension, with styling by Citroen designer Mark Lloyd. GQ is marketing the car as understated but desirable – in keeping with the magazine’s style. French Centerfold: Citroën teams up with GQ and Savile Row tailors for new concept.

The Latest Top 5 Package Designs From The Dieline
The Dieline’s Latest top 5 Package Designs, as voted on by Dieline readers over the past week. More packaging inspiration on

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New Car Launches: MINI, IKEA

Jalopnik found a new mini site Ikea has launched to showcase the reveal of a ‘concept car’. The wrapped vehicle is called Leko. Jalopnik translated some of the French on the intro page which says the concept car is a modular design which can operate as a coupe or as a convertible, and has the full backing of the World Wildlife Fund France. Rumor is that the car will be sold flat-packed and assembled with only an allen wrench. The site counts down to a few moments before April 1st.
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