Burberry: From Runway to Shopping Cart

Online Shoppers Skip Middleman During Fashion Week

Burberry, the British design house, will not only stream its women’s runway show live from London, but also will allow anyone with a computer and a credit card to order the merchandise as models strut in it.

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Haiti: Visa’s Fees

Visa’s Fees on Charitable Contributions
As the tragedy in Haiti unfolds, Americans are generously donating millions of dollars to aid organizations. But when Americans donate to charity with their credit cards, the credit card companies are (in some cases) getting rich … keeping 3% of the donation as a “transaction fee”. That percentage is far more than it costs them to process the donation.


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Some Card Fees Waived for Haiti Aid (bucks.blogs.nytimes.com)
The VISA Credit Card Scam: From Now On, Use Your PIN! (pindebit.blogspot.com)

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QCM V Narragansett, TopShop v Bikes, Monocle v Agencies, Obama Deli

I am a BIG fan of QCM (even if I preferred the name Gyro). The company has published a series of books. It’s produced films. It has a brand of rum and T-Shirts, Sailor Jerry. And now the agency has taken a major stake in New England’s Narragansett Brewery. The agency is making beer now!
narragansett qcm
Obama Deli
The Obama Deli and Grocery will open for business shortly in Brooklyn, NY. From a branding perspective this is getting a lot of pedestrian attention. But maybe not the best. While shooting this photo, a gentleman passing by on the sidewalk said some in the neighborhood are already talking about a protest. The Obama brand was extended in a lot of clever ways (Shepard Fairey’s poster for instance) but there may actually be a limit.
Over the weekend, Anglophiles everywhere took notice when Topshop rolled out their new bicycle club concept, parking a small fleet of blue beach cruisers (decked out with baskets and cupcake stickers) outside their flagship store and making them available for free daily rental to the public. In exchange for leaving a credit card and signing a liability waiver, would-be cyclists were granted access to a curated experience that included a bike, customized helmet, U-lock and map of Topshop-endorsed destinations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.
The latest issue of Monocle has at least 10 examples of sponsored content where the magazine editorial and publishing teams have worked with government boards, a property developer and
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