Razorfish Tries Out TV

Razorfish Tries Out TV
Razorfish, the Microsoft-owned digital agency, kicked off a TV and Web promotion for All detergent that began last night during Celebrity Apprentice. A 30-second spot directed viewers to all-laundry.com to see a pair of Internet videos Razorfish created with Celebrity Apprentice contestants Joan and Melissa Rivers. It marks the first time the 14-year-old digital agency has created a TV commercial for national broadcast.


“All just recently put its creative account into review. While BBH is the incumbent, it ended up goin to Lowe. However, wouldn’t it have been rad if Razorfish just snuck in there and took the booty? Forget about whether you like or hate the spot. Isn’t just a wee bit exciting to see a digital agency is now just an agency and vice versa? Lines are blurring left and right.”
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