Sir Martin vs Enfatico

I took no pleasure in the news that Enfatico “failed”. (Enfatico, for some reason attracted a slew of detractors). I am not even sure of the status of the company (“folded in” … but how?) The website is still up, but the last blog entry is June 9th. I am a firm believer in a holistic approach to marketing, and I think that Enfatico was more a victim of circumstance than of hubris. Sir Martin has his own take on matters…
During an interview with Forbes India, WPP‘s Martin Sorrell was asked a number of questions about Enfatico and why it didn’t work. His responses were pretty finger-pointy, especially when he was asked about the one-off agency’s demise:
Q: Why didn’t Enfatico work then?
Sorrell: Because it’s an extremely difficult thing to do. And the two prime movers behind it left Dell.
The two prime movers are of course former Dell CMO Mark Jarvis and Casey Jones, Dell’s vp of global marketing.
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WPP Bails on Enfatico? Virgin Mobile Bails Out Users

WPP folding Enfatico into another division
WPP said today that it will be folding Enfatico — its experimental communications agency with Dell Inc. — into its Y&R Brands division. The decision to merge the startup into the Y&R division was a strategic one that resulted from the difficult economic climate, according to WPP leadership. In an internal memo to Enfatico’s global team obtained by the Austin Business Journal, Enfatico’s leaders added that the merger will allow the startup to flesh out its capabilities.


Virgin ‘Bails Out’ Hardup Customers Facing Layoffs
Hoping to stimulate consumer spend and spark some brand loyalty on the side, prepaid wireless firm Virgin Mobile USA is offering its laid-off customers calling plans for three months, fully-paid, including taxes and surcharges.


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