Social Media Steak: Maloney & Porcelli Expenseasteak, Mo’ Bettah Facebook

Genius idea … definitely struck a chord with someone who worked in media in the 90s. (Neal Southwell, your tolerance was appreciated). Go to and fill in the obscenely large amount of your Maloney & Porcelli meal. Out will come a PDF of receipts for exactly that amount — innocuous (and extremely realistic) proof of purchases for taxis, panini lunches, office supplies, business books and so on. Accounting doesn’t ask why you’ve bought $700 worth of anti-static floor mats and toner? That’s their problem.
expenseasteak receipts
Utah’s Mo’ Bettah Steaks restaurant opened a second location this year only because of Facebook. “It clearly increased our business,” says the co-owner, who initially joined social media to monitor his daughter. He now uses it to promote events and menu additions: “It was like a brick hitting me. I just realized it could be a powerful tool for the business.”
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