Automotive: Kerri Martin and Coda, OCC and Siemens, Honda Eco Grand Prix, Mustang 2010

Kerri Martin, once a high-profile marketer who did stints at BMW Mini and Volkswagen, will join electric-car maker Coda Automotive next week as its first chief marketing officer. Industry observers will be watching Ms. Martin, 39, to see whether she can make marketing lightning strike again. She and Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, Miami, created non-traditional blitz for the U.S. launch of the Mini small car in 2002 that was unique for the auto category, received rave reviews from industry pundits and created the concept of “motoring” for the brand. This time Ms. Martin will be working on the launch of the Coda sedan, the Santa Monica, Calif., company’s first car, next year.
Siemens has paired up with Orange County Choppers, the custom bike building outfit of TV fame, to build a one-off electric chopper. The “Smart Chopper” showcases Siemens technology, boasting a 60-mile range and a 100 mph top speed compliments of a 27-hp electric motor. Charging time is anywhere between 1 and 5 hours depending on the voltage available. In addition to leveraging Siemens electric technology, the bike also features LED lights compliments of Sylvania, a Siemens subsidiary. The bike has OCC’s characteristic flair, the least of which is a rear tire that wouldn’t look out of place on a car. The Smart Chopper will be making its way around the country for the balance of 2009 and is slated for auction in 2010.
Unveiling of Siemens first electric green chopper, made with Ora
Honda Formula E is an advergame launched in Japan to teach people how to drive with an eco-friendly attitude. In the game you don’t have to use the steering-wheel, but just the brake and accelerator to find the ideal speed to drive in the city, saving gasoline, and therefore saving the planet.
Firstborn are attempting to build a community around the (probably poor-handling, low miles-per-gallon) Ford Mustang 2010. Presenting a very powerful car-configuration tool, you can customize a template Ford Mustang the way you want or even customizing collaborating in real time with some people, in the end it’s about “experiencing” the car and also sharing it to the gallery (almost 2k submissions in a week) or, the main purpose for sport cars fans, downloading the image to use it as a wallpaper.
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