German Innovation, Undo Send, Saatchi Instore

Print is as dead as painting was at the dawn of photography. That is: Print is not dead, there is a future. And you can glimpse that future in the German cities of Leipzig, Berlin, and Hamburg.
german innovation
Mere days after Google unveiled an email preview feature for YouTube videos, Yelp reviews and Flickr and Picasa photos, Gmail Labs is introducing yet another feature that enables marketers to preempt a botched email blast. Undo Send enables users to effectively unsend emails that were prematurely sent — or that contain errors. The window of opportunity is a small one, however. “This feature can’t pull back an email that’s already gone; it just holds your message for five seconds so you have a chance to hit the panic button,” writes the Gmail Blog.
Andy Murray of Saatchi & Saatchi’s X in-store marketing network talks to Brandweek about how marketers should look for ways to boost consumers’ entire shopping experience. Murray discusses the need to try to better consumers’ lives overall instead of focusing just on what happens in-store. He also talks about new technology that allows shoppers to conduct a “search” within a retail outlet, as well as the potential for mobile technology to trigger in-store sales.

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J. Crew v Michelle Obama

With a little bit of Gmail contextual wizardry, J. Crew is capitalizing on Obama and his wife Michelle with a google text ad that leads to a commerce-focused landing page. Its a smart move and I can almost forgive the copywriting, which reads, “All politics aside…this outfit gets our vote.”
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