IP: Pitchers v Pimm’s

Diageo is taking legal action against Sainsbury’s over what it claims is a copycat version of its popular summer drink Pimm’s, accusing the supermarket of infringing its intellectual property. Sainsbury’s released the drink Pitchers in April this year, advising shoppers that it could be mixed with lemonade and fruit — which is how Pimm’s No. 1 is traditionally served. A comparison of the packaging reveals striking similarities. The bottles are a similar shape, both with red lettering in a similar sans serif font, with the logo topped by a gold crown, in the case of Pimm’s, and a gold lion for Pitchers.
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Good Ideas: Lindt Gold Bunny, Virtue

This Easter weekend, Lindt hosted the “Gold Bunny World” at The Westfield Shopping Centre. Situated in the atrium, outside the Nike and Apple stores, it featured a maze created from real hedgerow, stilt walkers, a pop up shop selling gold wrapped chocolate rabbits (with £1 from every sale going to GOSH), and colouring in activities and other events for children – not to mention the giant gold bunny.

lindt gold bunny

Tousle-haired and sartorially challenged ex-Fallon planner Spencer Baim started up “Virtue” to help “tap Vice Magazine‘s genius” (shurely shome mishtake?) And who knew, it seems to be working …
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