Mashup: Historypin v Google Maps

Historypin, created by the social movement We Are What We Do, who are partners with Google, is a virtual time machine that allows users to take a peek at what the world looked like way back when. The website, which launched in London in June 2010 uses Google Maps and Street View tech and hopes to become the largest user-generated archive of historical images.

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Black Cars, Junk Food, Broughton, Laptop Hunters, Abram Games, Unapproved Ads

CA Considering Banning Black Cars
According to Autoblog, the state of California is proposing legislation to reduce carbon emissions by banning black cars. The California Air Resources Board’s rational is that dark colored cars absorb more light, which results in the owner using their climate control systems more. This theory sounds far-fetched, but existing building legislation with a similar ban has proven successful at reducing energy consumption in skyscrapers.

during the month of may, a 25 foot tall pyramid of junk food debris will appear in the city of new orleans. part public art, part educational, and part “we are mad as hell,” the junk food pyramid seeks a new conversation with our city, the nation, and a positive dialogue and understanding with the industries and government policies that have made us the sickest and fattest people on earth. few things matter more. join us.
junk food
When villagers in the quiet, ‘affluent’ village of Broughton in Cambridgeshire spotted a Google Street View car creeping into sight, they leaped into action and formed a human chain until the Google car slunk away with tailpipe between its tyres. The villagers complained Google had no right to take pictures of their homes, calling it an ‘invasion of privacy’ and an ‘invitation for burglars to strike’. But not only has the village brought national attention to itself, it has raised the ire of Internet users, who are now campaigning for Street View enthusiasts from across the UK to descend on the village to snap their own perfectly legal photographs.
The denizens of the web have deconstructed the latest Microsoft campaign — the one called “Laptop Hunters,” created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky — and in doing so have cried foul play. The “Laptop Hunters” story presents an interesting case study around the importance of being transparent and honest in today’s digitally connected word, particularly if part of your audience includes what I like to call the tech savvy “fanboys.” What the fanboys discovered is that Lauren, the average person supposedly invited to participate in this quest for a sub-$1,000 laptop, is not just some random person. She is actually a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. The boys then took the time to analyze every frame of the commercial in detail. They noticed, for instance, that a random person passing by the Apple store when Lauren walks in is in a eerily comparable position when she walks out, which lead them to question whether the whole event was staged or if she even walked into the store at all.
laptop hunters

Abram Games Posters.
I came across this Abram Games’ vintage propaganda and advertising posters gallery. Abram Games was one of the 20th century’s most important graphic designers.


Agency stripped of Dubai award over unapproved adsThe organisers of the Dubai Lynx Awards have stripped FP7 Doha of its agency of the year award after finding numerous ads submitted were not approved by clients, including a Samsung ad featuring Jesus that damaged the company’s image. A total of 18 submissions and the associated seven awards have been withdrawn, along with the trophy for agency of the year, which will now not be awarded to any agency this year. FP7 Doha’s two gold, four silver and one bronze awards were for clients Samsung, Higeen Mouthwash and Nissan. Philip Thomas, Dubai Lynx CEO, said: “Even before the awards night we had withdrawn a number of pieces of work from the competition but subsequently our investigation has found other pieces that infringed our requirement that all work presented must represent the client who approve it.”

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