Automotive: Fiat, Fiesta

This Fiat Is Very Unreliable
This Fiat van spotted in London by Ben over at Noisy Decent Graphics demonstrates the power an irritated conumer can wield. Says Ben: “I bet Fiat hate it if he turns up at the local dealership. And it’s highly visible on the road, and now thanks to me, on search engines”.

Ford Flickrizes Fiesta
Ford’s European division chose to launch an all-images consumer generated thing that lets people contribute to and change a Fiesta covered with a collage of images. People can rate the images they like, dislike or add their own. I would like to think that this is innovative comms planning rather than a generic Yahoo offering…

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Couple of good Flickr things … MadMen and Mini

Mad Men Illustrated
The subculture around Mad Men is continuing to grow. From fake Twitter characters to all the creatives in the office talking about it endlessly. Now someone has created a series of Saul Bass looking drawings of people and things from the show…

The Mini brand is all about fun and owner-specified (if not always owner-created) customization. Take a look around Flickr and you’ll see an amazing display of creativity. Mini fans are taking the brand ball and running with it.