Gareth Kay gets a Real Job (Title)

Goodby Promotes Gareth Kay to Director of Brand Strategy
The inexorable rise of Gareth Kay. Always great to see one of the good guys getting to the top. And he’s rid himself of that perplexing title of “director of *digital* strategy” to boot. (Is digital strategy different? That’s a mindset rather than a different discipline, surely?)

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Inspiration: Cool Japanese Tin Toys

Cool tin cars from Japan. This selection from the Tanaka collection features 70 cars, airplanes, buses, spaceships, speedboats, and helicopters that provide a fascinating overview of the postwar Japanese tin-toy industry—a symbol of Japan’s startlingly rapid postwar rebirth—and of the Golden Age of automobile styling in the United States.
jap cars
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New Font, Street Art, FreeGreen, Internet Gaffes

Cool street art on manhole covers.
manhole cover
Free green home designs … FreeGreen’s goal is to “give our users house plans which simultaneously provide design and product options that meet or exceed existing third party standards, while giving users choice and options in the realm of cost, style, and environmental commitment.”
Unfortunately for Grey and for Doc Morris, not everyone thought their “Evil Sperm” ads were funny. Quite a few people thought they were racist, insensitive, offensive and inappropriate — and now those adjectives are associated with Doc Morris pharmacies in people’s heads.
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Facebook v Holocaust Denial

Facebook Removes Two Holocaust Denial Groups
“Facing increasing bad publicity and pressure from members and Web denizens, Facebook yesterday confirmed the removal of two Holocaust denial groups from the social networking service. The groups — “Based on the facts…there was no Holocaust” and “Holocaust is a Holohoax” — were aimed at those who for some reason seem to think the Holocaust never happened.”

belsen liberation

I am personally non-plussed by these denials … especially having spoken to one of Belsen’s liberators (my grandfather).

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Brands v Obama

  • This Friday Pepsi brand ambassadors will be roaming the streets of Washington handing out samples and branded badges and scarves bearing various “Obamaisms” like “hope” and “change”.
  • Ikea has installed its own version of the Oval Office inside Washington’s Grand Union Station. The installation matches the look of the room but uses Ikea furniture.
  • Quaker Oats is supplying oatmeal to 11 bloggers’ parties to promote a campaign to feed 1m low income families.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a limited edition “Stars and Stripes” donut for the week of the inauguration.
  • Shopping TV network QVC is broadcasting during an inauguration ball hosted by actors’ political group the Creative Coalition. This event is also sponsored by Pepsi. QVC will also sell memorabilia including Obama and Martin Luther King commemorative coins ($20) and a “Presidential” pocket watch ($90).


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